234AB – 235AB (2004)

234A – (August 4, 2004) The tape starts at 18:19 and ends at 19:05. The recording at Cracroft Point was very loud with boat and ambient rain noise. There were a total of 17 northern resident killer whale discrete calls identified N9 (6%) and N23 (94%, I15s).  Killer whale echolocation clicks and whistles were heard on the tape.

234B – (August 4, 2004) The tape starts at 19:06 and ends at 19:52.  There was high ambient background noise at Cracroft Point.  A total of 34 calls were identified N4 (41%), N5 (3%), N9 (29%, A36s), N23 (9%, I15s), and N25 (18%, I15s). Pacific white-sided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) were heard towards the end.

235A – (August 4, 2004) The tape starts at 19:54 and ends at 20:36.  Faint calls were heard at Cracroft Point.  The recording was too loud for call identification.

235B – (August 5, 2004) The tape starts at 04:11 and ends at 04:44.  There were lots of clear dolphin calls at the beginning of the recording.  The I15s were later heard near Parson Island calling at 04:23.  There were a total of 15 calls identified; I15 call (73%, like a variation of the N23 discrete call) and N25 (27%, I15s).